Get a prime workout at your desk with a DeskCycle, now 20% off on Amazon

The numbers on physical activity are alarming. Less than 5 percent of U.S. adults participate in 30 minutes or more of physical activity every day. Only one in three get the recommended amount of physical activity each week. And more than 80 percent don’t meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

Ask any office worker and they’ll likely point a finger at sitting in front of a computer behind a desk all day as a major culprit. And it’s hard to argue with that; more and more jobs are veering away from physical labor to sedentary office-based work, making it tougher to carve out time for daily exercise. The DeskCycle provides balance to that equation, offering a quality way for the desk-bound to stay active and exercise right while staying productive at work.

This mini exercise bike is designed especially with the worker in mind, engineered to fit under desks as low as 27 inches. While small, don’t mistake the DeskCycle for cheap. The DeskCycle also features touch-free magnetic resistance in the pedal motion rather than less fluid friction resistance, a key to its smooth operation.

The DeskCycle allows riders to build up a healthy pace while remaining an almost unconscious activity. Employees can stay focused on their work tasks and almost forget that they’re continuing to pump away. It’s equipped with eight different resistance levels, more than twice the resistance range of other foot pedal exercisers.

With adjustable straps to keep feet secure and comfortable, users can build up a serious workout easily, entering a high cardio workout zone while pedaling at around 30 MPH at a mostly stress-free Level 3 or Level 4. While these levels will push your heart rate into a high-activity zone, they’re not even enough to make users break into a sweat, hitting the perfect sweet spot between exercising and a heavy-duty workout. 

Meanwhile, the five-function display keeps careful track of your activity, measuring your time, distance, speed, and caloric burn as your legs keep churning under that desk, keeping energy levels up and productivity high to keep the work as on point as your fitness.

The DeskCycle’s approach to passive exercise has plenty of admirers, with fans on DeskCycle’s Amazon page submitting more than 3,300 reviews with a cumulative 4.6 out of 5-star rating. “I use it at my desk during the day and then bring it into the living room at night and use it some more. I can easily burn 500-1000 calories in a day using this,” said regular DeskCycler Debbie Davis.

For a limited time, those ready to get active while they work can receive 20 percent off on a DeskCycle when they purchase through Amazon.

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