8 Common Mac Problems & Ways to Fix Them Efficiently

8 Common Mac Problems & Ways to Fix Them Efficiently

Mac rarely suffers from any major issues, but as we know, technology is prone to errors and glitches; nothing is certain. Learning a few tips will allow you to rectify any small to severe issues quite efficiently and bring your computer to running mode.


The article describes some of the most common issues or problems faced by Mac users and ways to solve them effectively.


Inappropriate Mac Functioning


If you face any kind of technical error on your computer, the first workaround should be to reboot the device. Rebooting clears all the current state of the software and makes the computer work properly.


It will also clear your RAM and make the system perform better. So, rebooting the computer can be a healthier way when you face any issue.


Flashing Question Mark


If you have started your Mac and a question mark appears on the screen, it indicates that your startup disk has failed. But that might also indicate that your Mac isn’t able to find the startup disk.


To solve this issue, you need to run your Mac in Recovery Mode and select the correct startup disk. However, if the disk is not visible, consider getting it repaired by experts.


Frozen Apps & Programs

8 Common Mac Problems & Ways to Fix Them Efficiently

A frozen app can hamper your computer’s functioning severely, and fixing it is not easy since you are not able to access anything until the app runs into normal mode automatically. The inability to fix the problem makes it even worse.


The only thing you could do in this situation is to Force Quit the program by clicking on the upper left corner or by pressing the Command + Option + Space keys altogether.


Fast Battery Drainage


If you have noticed that your MacBook battery is draining faster than normal, then you might be running too large files simultaneously. If so, close all the applications you are running and close the files to optimize your computer performance.


You can also check the apps that are consuming more battery power by clicking on the Battery icon. Quit the apps if no longer needed, or see here to know more ways to optimize your laptop’s battery.


Slow Running Computer


If you see that your Mac is running slow, there can be multiple reasons, and detecting the right one is important. The Activity Monitor shows the performance of your system components, including the CPU, memory, energy, disk, and network.


Check if an app is consuming a lot of system resources and close it right away. Insufficient RAM space can be the reason for a slow-running Mac, so consider deleting unnecessary background apps as they might be at fault.


Inappropriate BlueTooth Functioning


If you are not able to connect your BlueTooth devices with your Mac, then try to switch BlueTooth off and then turn it on. See if the device you are trying to connect is discoverable by nearby devices.


Then try to connect it; if that doesn’t solve your problem, then check if there is any interference surrounding the BlueTooth device. Also, check if the BlueTooth device is not already connected to any other paired devices. If so, disconnect it and then try connecting it to the computer.


Loud Fan Noise

8 Common Mac Problems & Ways to Fix Them Efficiently

If your CPU fan is creating excessive noise, then there might be some dust particles stuck inside the fan. Maybe you are trying to handle too many tasks in a single instance of time, or there is a lack of ventilation. If the fan is dirty, clean it up using a damp cotton cloth or a can of compressed air.


Also, check if the air vents aren’t blocked by the wall, or there is nothing that’s coming in the way of ventilation. If you have assigned too many tasks to your computer, try to close them all. Use the laptops on the hard surface only and not blankets and couches.


Screen Brightness


Check that the screen brightness is not too high, as it will consume more system resources, and the overall performance will suffer. Reduce any animations or visual effects to make your computer run faster.


In addition, make sure to use keyboard lightning only when you need it; otherwise, adjust it by pressing the F5 function. However, if you are a graphic designer, ensure that reducing the visual effects must not affect your work.


Bonus: Set Up Energy Saving Mode


You can improve your computer performance by reducing the time for the display to go to sleep so that it consumes less energy. You can also set up low power mode by navigating to the Battery settings.


It may reduce the work efficiency a little but save a lot of battery energy. Do not forget to backup data before you initiate anything to fix the problem.


The Conclusion


To sum up, digital devices are delicate, and therefore you find technical issues frequently. Not all these problems demand expertise to fix them, some of them are simple, and you can resolve them with little consideration.


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