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Samsung Smart Things Home sign at Samsung 837

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Samsung 837

Samsung 837 first opened in New York’s Meatpacking District back in 2016, and at the time it served solely as a showroom space for Samsung’s electronics. After a renovation, the recently reopened 837 now serves as both a showroom and a retail store — allowing customers to not only check out the products but also buy them.

Backyard concept at Samsung 837

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Samsung backyard

For its showroom spaces, Samsung has created a concept house where you can go from room to room to see the company’s different electronics. In this outdoor-kitchen concept, a backyard space includes a barbecue and a Samsung television.

Samsung Bespoke Fridges at Samsung 837

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Samsung kitchen

Moving into the kitchen, you can check out Samsung Bespoke Fridges on display. You can order these stylish refrigerators in custom colors, and swap on new colors using suction cups to remove a current panel and pop on a new one.

Kitchen concept at Samsung 837.

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Samsung appliances

The kitchen also includes other Samsung appliances.

Living room concept at Samsung 837.

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Samsung living rooms

You’ll find several living room concepts at Samsung 837, with this one showcasing a Samsung television interacting with a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Den concept with two televisions, two chairs and a coffee table

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Samsung den

This smaller den space has some seating and a virtual fireplace, courtesy of a Samsung TV.

Samsung home gym concept

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Samsung home gym

Samsung’s home gym concept has — naturally — multiple televisions. The TV on the wall can be used to play a workout, while other footage plays on the vertical Samsung monitor.

Samsung gym concept

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Samsung home gym

A third televison is visible in the corner of the gym, right next to a weight bench.

Samsung gaming lounge concept

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Samsung gaming lounge

Samsung’s gaming lounge shows a PC gaming station as well as a console gaming station. The monitor on display here can be reoriented to a vertical position.

Samsung gaming lounge concept with Xbox game streaming.

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Samsung gaming lounge concept

The Samsung TV in the gaming lounge plays Xbox games via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud service, which can stream games as you play, rather than requiring you to download them first.

Samsung child bedroom concept

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Samsung’s child bedroom concept

Samsung’s concept for a children’s bedroom includes a projector for watching movies or TV shows, instead of having a physical television display.

Tent in the child bedroom concept

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Samsung child bedroom concept

In addition to the electronics, the child’s bedroom includes a small tent for a camping game.

Samsung 837 customer service area

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Samsung customer service section

Now that Samsung 837 includes a store component, it also features a desk for customer support.


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Samsung Frame TVs

Samsung’s Frame TV line is on display near the customer service area. 


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