The 15th anniversary of GamesBeat Summit left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.

This year’s conference surpassed all expectations, drawing in a remarkable turnout of 967 attendees onsite and a global virtual audience of 1,834, nearly double the size of last year’s event. GamesBeat Summit shone as a beacon of the gaming community’s vitality, fostering unity and collaboration that knows no geographical bounds.

There were 52 captivating content sessions, alongside three executive roundtables that delved deep into the intricate facets of the gaming industry. Dean Takahashi led the conversation to tap into the wisdom of 137 distinguished speakers that resonated throughout the event, enriching our understanding and igniting innovative ideas.

The Next Level: A journey through turbulence and triumph

Under the banner of “The Next Level,” GamesBeat Summit 2023 embraced the ever-shifting dynamics of the gaming industry. In an era of perpetual chaos and disruption, the business world demands agility and adaptability for prosperity. Together, we embarked on a journey that explored how the gaming industry not only navigates change but soars above turbulence to achieve unprecedented heights of innovation and creativity.

Shifting from subculture to mass culture: A responsible evolution

The evolution of gaming from a subculture to a global phenomenon has captured the imaginations of countless individuals. However, with expansion comes responsibility. Our unwavering focus on sub-themes like diversity, mental health, community and social responsibility ensures that the blossoming gaming culture thrives responsibly and inclusively.

Empowering women in gaming: A collective journey

This year also marked our continued efforts to bring visibility to women in gaming at a special breakfast panel sponsored by Visa.  This exclusive panel and networking event united more than 130 inspiring women, providing a platform to share experiences, insights and aspirations. Their collective voices contributed to a more inclusive and representative gaming landscape that empowers all.

Celebrating visionaries: Shaping the gaming landscape

At the heart of GamesBeat Summit 2023 lay the recognition of visionary leaders who mold the gaming world in profound ways. Their contributions to exceptional gameplay, diversity and the business of gaming set new standards, becoming a beacon of inspiration for others to pursue excellence.

Championing diversity through speakers

The essence of diversity reverberated through GamesBeat Summit 2023. Our speaker lineup was a testament to this ethos. With 37% of speakers being women, and over 32% representing diverse ethnic backgrounds, we celebrated the power of varied voices propelling industry dialogues. Furthermore, nearly 50% of speakers hailed from traditionally underrepresented groups, fostering a platform that truly embodies the vivacious and diverse gaming community.

Inaugural diversity in gaming breakfast: A historic moment

This year we hosted our inaugural diversity in gaming breakfast sponsored by FB Gaming with insights shared by leaders from Netflix, Glow Up Games, Streamline Studios, Didimo and Brass Lion Entertainment. Over 200 participants united in person and virtually to engage in candid discussions regarding diversity, inclusion and equality within the gaming realm. This event marked a step towards a future where every voice resonates and thrives.

What’s on the horizon? GamesBeat Next!

Looking forward, mark your calendars for GamesBeat Next on October 24-25 in San Francisco. This immersive two-day experience, proudly sponsored by leading innovators in the gaming industry, gathers over 400 top gaming industry executives for curated networking, forging new deals, and venturing into uncharted territories and trends. If you’re looking to showcase your brand’s commitment to shaping the future of gaming, consider becoming a sponsor for this exceptional event. In addition, if you’re a thought leader with valuable insights to share, seize the opportunity to be a speaker and contribute to the discussions that will drive the gaming industry forward at GamesBeat Next.