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How Inductive Automation’s endpoint security strategy makes manufacturing more secure

Endpoint security is part of Inductive Automation's DNA, and it had to replace 500 endpoints to keep its DevOps, engineering and SDLC secure.

Stop the Presses: Criticism Against the New York Times Mounts as Newspaper Is Accused of Killing 59 Million Trees Annually

After the New York Times (NYT) published an editorial about bitcoin mining, claiming the industry is harmful to the environment, an organization called Stop the Presses took issue with the…

After Databricks, Snowflake targets manufacturing with industry-specific data cloud

Snowflake has announced manufacturing data cloud, providing a packaged solution to help manufacturers implement industry 4.0 initiatives.

Crypto ATM Numbers Drop by 13.91% Since December 2022, Over 3,600 Went Offline in March

According to data from the cryptocurrency automated teller machine (ATM) aggregation website Coin ATM Radar, over 3,600 crypto ATMs went offline in March. Since the end of 2022, the number…

A zero-trust roadmap for cybersecurity in manufacturing — from a 98-year-old company

Manufacturing is the most-attacked industry. How one manufacturer is modernizing its cybersecurity with a zero-trust approach

How Honeywell is bridging gaps in legacy OT, IT and industrial control systems for manufacturers

Honeywell introduced advances in its cybersecurity solutions to help processing plants and utilities progress on zero-trust initiatives.

The manufacturing industry’s security epidemic needs a zero-trust cure

Manufacturers’ tech stacks and industrial control systems (ICS) were designed to deliver speed and transaction efficiency first, with security as a secondary goal. Nearly one in four attacks targeted manufacturers…