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What you need to know about Sakana AI, the new startup from a Transformer paper co-author

Founded by former Google AI engineers, the startup is inspired by schools of fish and bee hives to design collective artificial intelligence.

Grit debuts with $7M round, offering AI that auto-analyzes and updates software codebase for devs

The company was founded by Morgante Pell, a former Senior Staff Architect at Google Cloud, and is backed by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.

Machine unlearning: The critical art of teaching AI to forget

Exploring the nascent field of machine unlearning, its importance in responsible AI, challenges and potential.

Bud Financial launches Bud.ai, a generative AI platform for hyper-personalized banking

Bud Financial claims its LLM tech, Bud.ai, will enable orgs to convert unstructured financial data into insights for granular analysis.