Why Is Instagram So Popular?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for varying reasons. In fact, there are approximately one billion monthly Instagram users, reflecting the platform’s popularity. From being a platform to build connections with different people and communities to being utilized as a marketing tool, Instagram has something to offer to everyone.


That said, here are some of the reasons why Instagram is so popular:


  • Entertainment

Instagram can be a platform where people can showcase their creative skills and create entertaining content. Generally, entertainment is appreciated for helping alleviate stress, providing a temporary distraction, and enjoying it with peers. 

Different creators cater to varying audiences; this means on a single platform, you can find niches that resonate most with you. For instance, some creators provide entertainment in the form of dance routines or song covers, while others create content padded with subtle humor and relatable humor. And because content creators come from various parts of the world, there’s always a niche that one can relate to culturally, making the platform so popular and engaging.

On the other hand, content creators aren’t the only users who upload on Instagram. Your peers and colleagues also take pictures and videos of their day-to-day lives and upload them onto the platform, giving you a peek into what they’re up to recently. You can then view and like their photographs and videos, and Instagram notifies them that you would have interacted with their profile. However, for those who enjoy their privacy regarding Instagram activity, you can discover ways or apps to view content privately or discreetly on WP Dev Shed.


  • Marketing

Instagram can also be used as a marketing strategy to promote your brand and spread awareness about your business. After all, you can reach a larger audience once you tap into the power of social media. 

Instagram content marketing, for instance, can be an effective marketing approach to turn followers into customers or clients. And so, if you’re running a small business, you can create engaging content to engage with your audience and promote your business’s products and offerings. The more content you upload, the wider footprint your business will have on Instagram. 

With that, it would help if you have a creative content marketing strategy to encourage your audience to visit your website or buy products from you. And part of this strategy is also to stay abreast with your competitors. Keep in mind that you and your competitors are vying for the same audience, meaning you can lose followers to your competitor and vice versa. 

Keeping up with your competitors’ marketing strategies means analyzing their content. However, you wouldn’t want them to know that you are keeping tabs on their Instagram strategy or analyzing their products and services. With that, you can note and research why users love Glassagram and discover how your competitors won’t know that you’re watching.


  • Relationship Building

Some users also use Instagram as a means of maintaining personal relationships. This is possible by using the platform for messaging each other privately. Other ways of relationship building on Instagram include posting stories, photos, and videos and sharing memories of your friendship over the years. Or you can also tag friends on content that you may find interesting. Perhaps you and your friends follow popular content creators on Instagram and enjoy discussing the uploaded content. 

  • Education

Besides entertainment, Instagram can also be a platform where people can learn from others. For instance, there are professionals and experts such as doctors who use Instagram to educate their audiences about health dynamics. Some expert content creators also include links to content or articles where you can learn more about the health dynamics discussed in their recent posts. Other users could also learn different skincare products, hair care routines, and general lifestyle differences cross-culturally.


  • Portfolio Building

Instagram can also be used for portfolio building by different specialists or professionals. For example, a photographer can share some of their most beautiful work on the platform and use it as a reference portfolio. They can also include their Instagram link in job applications and use the platform as their proof of work. 

Although, effectively using Instagram as a portfolio largely depends on your profession because an accountant might not be able to include their Instagram profile in a job application successfully.


  • Networking

Instagram can also be a networking channel. You can create and use a business profile to connect with your audience and acquire new followers. You can post content and Instagram stories to give your audience a glimpse of what your business is all about. The larger the network, the more beneficial it can be for your business.

Suppose your business is skin care products, for example, and you grow your network by consistently contributing to a business page that discusses hair care. In that case, you may form a business network. Hair care followers may also become your followers because the two dynamics usually complement each other. This means you get to grow your audience and sales.



Instagram is popular for many reasons, including its provision for entertainment, content marketing, and relationship building. The platform also provides educative material while others build their portfolios and network

And with that, Instagram can provide you with a plethora of options for varying preferences and goals on a single platform.

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