Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Nowadays, everyone is interested in going greener, which leaves you wondering how you can contribute through the properties you manage or own. You might think that the companies that rent space in your buildings make a bigger difference, but you can as well. Start by learning about the benefits of installing electric vehicle charging stations at your properties.

Electric Cars Help the Environment

As a property manager, you must consider the costs of installing electric vehicle charging stations. However, you should also keep in mind that these stations will help people reduce carbon emissions. Instead of using conventional cars to travel to work, employees can drive their electric cars that emit less pollution. You will support their green efforts by ensuring they have a source of power to keep their electric vehicle running.

Tenants Will Appreciate It

Another benefit of installing electric vehicle charging stations is attracting green-minded businesses to your property. They will appreciate that you are doing something with environmental concerns in mind and making it easier for them to power their vehicles. You will even contribute to attracting green-conscious employees and customers to their businesses.

Enjoy a Tax Break

You can also enjoy a tax break if you install electric vehicle charging stations on your property. Thanks to the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit, you could be eligible for a tax credit of 30 percent of costs not exceeding $30,000. In addition, those who install the equipment at more than one property can use the credit toward each location, which can give you a good advantage.

Get Ready for the Road Ahead

Finally, if you decide to install electric vehicle charging stations now, you will prepare yourself better for the future. More people are using electric vehicles, and they are gaining more of a foothold in the mainstream. If you buy the stations now, you’ll be ready when more tenants and their customers need them.

Ultimately, your choice to install an electric charging station benefits a large number of people. It’s a way for you to help the environment and make a good business decision.

By Casey Cartwright

Casey is a passionate copyeditor highly motivated to provide compelling SEO content in the digital marketing space. Her expertise includes a vast range of industries from highly technical, consumer, and lifestyle-based, with an emphasis on attention to detail and readability.