What To Look For in an Industrial Filtration System

Manufacturers in various industries know the importance of industrial filtration systems in their operations. These systems are essential for meeting their waste fluid and disposal requirements and keeping them in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency. But adding one can be challenging. Learn what to look for in an industrial filtration system to meet your company’s goals. 

Learn Your Contaminant Needs

One aspect to consider when adding a filtration system is whether it will meet your specific contaminant needs. After determining what you need to remove, look at the system’s filter and see if it can remove the unwanted particles.

Be careful not to choose a filter with a micron rating much smaller than the size of the contaminants you want it to take out. Although you will remove more contaminants, they will clog up the filter much faster, which can cause issues that you would prefer to avoid.  

Consider How Much You Process

Another important element to look for in an industrial filtration system is whether it matches up with the amount of fluid you process. For example, if your system sends out 250 gallons a minute, but the filter can only take on 20 gallons at a time, it will not adapt to the different amounts. Instead, you will create a logjam that hurts your operations.

Determine Your Compatibility

You also need to ensure that the filter is chemically compatible with the chemicals moving through it. If not, you could run into more problems. The incompatibility could cause the filter to deteriorate and result in unwanted contaminants slipping through. In this case, you will have wasted your company’s investment and prevented it from achieving its goals.

So when you are looking for a new filtration system, make sure you do your due diligence to ensure it matches up correctly with your operations. It may seem exhausting and time-consuming, but that is nothing compared to the production pains it will save you down the road.

By Casey Cartwright

Casey is a passionate copyeditor highly motivated to provide compelling SEO content in the digital marketing space. Her expertise includes a vast range of industries from highly technical, consumer, and lifestyle-based, with an emphasis on attention to detail and readability.