New Xbox Controller, Stellar Shift, Puts Deep Space in the Palm of Your Hands – CNET

Xbox released the third controller of its Shift Special Edition series on Tuesday. Dubbed “Stellar Shift,” the new controller sports a glossy, color-shifting blue to purple finish on top with a black and purple swirl pattern on the grips underneath. 

Like other Xbox controllers in the Shift Special Edition series, the Stellar Shift controller features textured grips, bumpers and back case for a comfortable and stable grip. There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in a gaming headset and a dedicated Sharing button which allows players to easily capture and share screenshots and videos.

Using the controller on your Xbox Series X or S console will unlock a unique, cosmic background. Directions for enabling the custom background can be found on the Xbox support page.

The Stellar Shift Wireless Controller retails for $70 and is available for purchase now

Xbox didn’t immediately respond to a comment regarding possible future additions to the Shift Special Edition series of wireless controllers.