Grab a Toniebox Starter Set and Headphones for $80 (Save $50) – CNET

If you want to give your youngster a toy that will engage them for hours, check out the Toniebox. It’s an audio player that shares kid-friendly music and stories. A Toniebox starter set usually lists for $100 and a pair of wired Tonies on-ear headphones goes for $30, but today at Best Buy, you can get both for $80 — that’s a savings value of $50. Just add a red, blue or pink Toniesbox from the link below and then select a pair of headphones. You’ll see a package summary on the side of your screen and an ‘add to cart’ button. Click it and the discount will be applied in the cart automatically. Just be sure you make your purchase soon, as this deal will expire tonight at 9:59 p.m. (PT) (12:59 a.m. ET on March 17).

The Toniebox is designed for kids three to six years old, so it’s easy to use. You just put a Tonie figure on top, then listen to stories and songs that wll play. To change tracks, simply tap the box and press the ears to adjust the volume. This set comes with a Playtime Puppy Tonie, but you can expand your child’s library with other Tonie accessories (sold separately). There are a ton of popular characters available to expand your collection, including Disney favorites like Elsa and Mickey Mouse, along with options from National Geographic and countless more. There are even options that allow you to record your own voice for your child. And with the headphones plugged in, your child can listen without disturbing a sleeping sibling or interrupting a video chat for those parents working from home. You’ll get up to seven hours of battery life per charge and the Toniebox will automatically turn off and go to sleep after a story ends. 


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