What Is EMC Testing and Why Is It Important?

Have you ever heard of EMC testing? Whether you have heard of it or not, it’s a crucial part of your daily life. Learn more about EMC testing and why it’s so important below.

What Is EMC?

Before we get into the significance of EMC testing, what exactly is EMC? EMC is short for electromagnetic compatibility and refers to an electronic device’s ability to function without interfering with other nearby devices or equipment.

The interference we mentioned is known as electromagnetic interference (EMI), and while similar, there are many differences between EMI and EMC. EMC and EMI are about the electromagnetic phenomena around all electrical equipment. Every electrical current, from your phone to your computer, creates an electromagnetic field that can disrupt other electrical currents.

What Is EMC Testing?

Now that we understand EMC, we can learn about EMC testing. EMC testing ensures that an electronic device or equipment meets the compatibility standards of its intended environment. There are two main types of EMC testing: emissions and immunity testing.

Emissions EMC testing ensures that the electromagnetic energy emitting from the device is manageable and won’t interfere with other devices or harm people. Immunity testing measures how much an electronic device or equipment can withstand EMI from natural and human-made external sources, like lightning strikes or power surges.

Why Do We Need EMC Testing?

We understand what EMC testing is, but why is it important? As we all know, electronic devices and equipment are foundational to our modern way of life. Everything from the phones in our pockets to the medical equipment in our hospitals features electronics working in proximity, and EMC testing ensures that they can function without interfering with one another.

With so many electronics operating simultaneously in proximity, the opportunity for EMI and electronic issues would be high if not for EMC testing. Thanks to EMC testing, we can be confident that our smartphones, GPS systems, and televisions work correctly without interference.


While you may have never heard of it, EMC testing is integral to your daily life if you regularly use electronic devices like smartphones. Even in a crowded room with 100 other smartphones, EMC testing ensures that all our phone messages and calls come through clearly without interference.

By Dianne Pajo

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