Actor Adam DeVine appears in new Bitget exchange ad

American actor and comedian Adam DeVine has appeared in a new paid advertisement created by crypto exchange Bitget.

“Now it’s time to make our wildest dreams come true. Trade crypto from the comfort of your race car bed at 2:00 am. I don’t give a care. Business hours? Thing of the past,” says DeVine in a newly released clip, titled “Crypto and Chicken Nuggets.”

<em>Actor Adam DeVine in the new Bitget advertisement. Source: Bitget</em>

Throughout the video, the actor can be seen holding a smartphone and making jokes regarding the namesake chicken nuggets, with a promotional Bitget branding in the background. DeVine is known for his role in the comedy television series Workaholics and in the Pitch Perfect film franchise. He proclaims toward the end:

“While other generations are already set in their ways, we are the ones who are set for change! [Phone fumbles and falls.] Well… yeah, that’s busted.”

A disclaimer at the end discloses that DeVine is a “paid actor” and that his views “should not be relied upon as specific recommendations or financial or other advice.” Devine is also “not licensed as an investment advisor or broker-dealer in any jurisdiction.” The final statement reads:

“The ad is not intended for distribution in the United States (including its territories or possessions) or to any U.S. person.”

Crypto companies have previously partnered with celebrities for promotion with mixed results. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently filed suit against prominent celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, YouTuber Jake Paul and singer Akon for their alleged role in promoting Tron ecosystem tokens without proper disclosures. 

Hollywood icon Matt Damon has been mocked for his appearance in’s infamous “Fortune Favors the Brave” ad that premiered right at the inception of the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market. Meanwhile, Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo signed a multiyear nonfungible token partnership with Binance last June. His rival, Argentine football champion Lionel Messi, currently serves as the brand ambassador of Bitget. 

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