Category: B2B

Montreal startup HumanFirst raises $5M to transform organizations’ conversational data into no-code AI agents

Whiteside did not sugarcoat the point that his customers may use his technology to reduce their human staff workers.

Accenture announces jaw-dropping $3 billion investment in AI

Accenture said it will double the size of its Data & AI practice from 40,000 at present to 80,000 through a combination of hiring, training

What does your cloud cost? CloudZero raises $32M to help businesses answer this question and reduce spend

CloudZero, a B2B firm that makes tools to help business customers understand and control cloud costs, announced $32 million in new funding

API integrator Finch announces new funding round led by Intuit Ventures

Finch, a B2B startup offering a unified API for employment systems, today announced a new round of funding from Intuit Ventures.