Category: data analytics

Context raises $3.5M to elevate LLM apps with detailed analytics

Context plans to use the capital to build out its engineering team and further improve its product to deliver better analytics for LLM apps.

ConverSight raises $9M to accelerate data analytics with generative AI

ConverSight, a company accelerating data analytics with generative AI, has raised $9M in fresh funding from Surface Ventures.

Virtualitics raises $37M for AI-driven, 3D data exploration

California-based Virtualitics, a data exploration startup with roots at NASA, today announced $37 million in a series C round of funding.

Rasgo launches Rasgo AI, a generative AI agent for enterprise data warehouse analytics 

Rasgo said its AI employs GPT for “intelligent reasoning,” which enables it to think and act like a business analyst for data warehouses. 

Amplitude taps AI to improve data quality, accelerate product analytics

Product analytics company Amplitude debuted new AI features to simplify how companies govern their data and use it to generate insights.

Switchboard, led by Google BigQuery veterans, announces $7M series A funding for data product platform

Switchboard, a company founded by BigQuery launch team members, raises $7M to build out a data product creation platform for business users.

Akkio raises $15M to advance no-code AI platform for enterprises

Akkio raised $15M in a series A round to accelerate the adoption of its no-code platform helping enterprises deploy AI in minutes.

The retail data center: From autonomous checkout to data-driven insights, HPC is key

Retailers are moving to high-performance computing (HPC) including AI and computer vision to optimize customer experience and drive insights.

AI21 Labs debuts Contextual Answers, a plug-and-play AI engine for enterprise data

AI21 Labs today announced Contextual Answers, a plug-and-play AI API to implement large language model technology on enterprise data.

Lenovo unveils data management solutions for enterprise AI

Lenovo said its all-flash data management arrays are designed to simplify AI workload enablement and unleash the value of data.