Category: data management

No storage, no cry: Sinking the data storage barrier

The waters of the data lake may seem untested, but vendors and enterprises that don’t take the plunge won’t fulfill their data potential.

Knowledge graphs unite data mesh and data fabric architectures

When enhanced by the rich, self-describing nature of semantic knowledge graphs, data mesh and data fabric can greatly complement one another.

Acceldata takes on data reliability with low-code features

California-based Acceldata, which provides a data observability platform for enterprises, today expanded its offering with new low-code/no-code capabilities aimed at simplifying how teams ensure data reliability. Acceldata seeks to meet…

Finding that X-factor in the cloud and beyond

How everything-as-a-service helps orgs become better problem-solvers, anticipate risk and offer creative digital solutions.

Distributed database provider pgEdge emerges from stealth with $9M

Startup pgEdge, with a fully distributed database for use in the cloud and at the network edge, emerged from stealth with $9M in seed funding.