Category: data management

Arize AI wants to improve enterprise LLMs with ‘Prompt Playground,’ new data analysis tools

Arize’s new AI platform, the Prompt Playground, enables teams to uncover poor performing prompt templates and iterate on them in real time.

Databricks bets big on activating data for marketers with Hightouch investment

Databricks has announced a strategic investment in software startup Hightouch, which helps businesses synchronize their customer data.

Google reveals BigQuery innovations to transform working with data

Google kicked off its Cloud Next conference with announcements of new innovations for BigQuery to simplify how teams work with data.

Proton debuts VPN for Business, enabling IT departments to control access to content and apps

Proton now offers a more standardized, yet flexible, product category for other companies looking to safeguard access to their data.

How VMware Private AI Foundation with Nvidia will help enterprises embrace generative AI

VMware and Nvidia today announced VMware Private AI Foundation with Nvidia to help enterprises deploy generative AI quickly and easily.

Neo4j brings vectors to graph database

The addition of vectors provides context to the graph database for enhanced search and supports generative AI and large language models.

Would you sell your data for passive income? Caden raises $15M to give users the option

New York-based Caden, a company helping consumers sell their data with full control, today announceed $15 million in fresh funding.