Category: data networks

Proton debuts VPN for Business, enabling IT departments to control access to content and apps

Proton now offers a more standardized, yet flexible, product category for other companies looking to safeguard access to their data.

SandboxAQ unveils Sandwich, an open-source meta-library of cryptographic algorithms

SandboxAQ launches Sandwich, an open-source framework that aims to reshape contemporary cryptography management.

Rasgo launches Rasgo AI, a generative AI agent for enterprise data warehouse analytics 

Rasgo said its AI employs GPT for “intelligent reasoning,” which enables it to think and act like a business analyst for data warehouses.

Microsoft unveils next-gen AI solutions to boost frontline productivity amid labor challenges

Microsoft aims to enhance the efficiency of frontline service professionals through Copilot integrated into Dynamics 365 Field Service.

MindsDB raises funding from Nvidia to democratize AI application development

MindsDB aims to democratize AI development and production for all stripes of developers without requiring specialized AI training.

MIT CSAIL unveils PhotoGuard, an AI defense against unauthorized image manipulation

MIT CSAIL researchers claim PhotoGuard can detect image irregularities invisible to the human eye through its AI's architectural prowess.

Protect AI raises $35M to expand its AI and machine learning security platform

Protect AI's security platform AI Radar provides AI professionals with real-time visibility for their ML environments.

Nvidia announces availability of DGX Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for generative AI training 

Nvidia said that DGX Cloud is designed to meet the massive supercomputing demands for training generative AI and large language models.

Cosmic Wire raises $30M to expand cross-chain Web3 platform

Cosmic Wire will use the funding to speed development of a decentralized (cross-chain), transparent and secure Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

Maximizing data center performance by getting cloud migration right

Getting cloud migration right can be difficult. Tech leaders offer insights on how enterprises can get the most out of their data centers.