Category: data science

Generative AI poised to reshape workplace efficiency, revolutionize jobs: KPMG study

A survey of 225 U.S. executives by KPMG aims to illuminate key insights and concerns regarding the implementation of generative AI.

Databricks invests in Catalyst, targeting the elusive customer intelligence category

Databricks Ventures today made an investment in customer intelligence SaaS platform Catalyst, enabling Databricks lakehouse data integration.

Cohesity partners with Google Cloud to empower organizations with generative AI and data capabilities

Cohesity will utilize Google’s recent advancements in AI technology to enhance its AI-ready data security and management platform.

Red Hat unveils Ansible Lightspeed to empower AI-driven IT automation

Red Hat utilizes natural language processing to seamlessly integrate the service with Watson Code Assistant.

Yellow AI launches YellowG, a generative AI platform for automation workflows

YellowG utilizes enterprise data and industry-specific knowledge to seamlessly navigate complex scenarios.

Parallel Domain unveils Reactor, a generative AI-based synthetic data generation engine

New tool from Parallel Domain enhances AI performance in industries such as autonomous vehicles and drones by hgeneratingigh-quality images.