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What the growth of AIops solutions means for the enterprise

A combination of composable analytics and AIops can give enterprises the opportunity to organize their IT infrastructure and improve it.

What is AI hardware? How GPUs and TPUs give artificial intelligence algorithms a boost

With artificial intelligence algorithms becoming so common, AI hardware in the form of specialized circuits or chips is becoming essential.

Big Data London 2022: Striim integrates with Databricks, launches in new markets

Today, at Big Data London 2022, real-time data company Striim announced a partnership with Databricks and launched into new regions.

Dreamforce 2022: Salesforce debuts Genie CDP to power real-time customer experiences

At the ongoing Dreamforce conference, Salesforce added real-time data capabilities to Customer 360 with the introduction of Genie CDP.

Dataddo launches free data integration service for enterprises

California-based Dataddo today launched a free service to automate data integration from virtually any cloud source to any cloud destination.

Aiven improves access to open source data technologies with new ClickHouse offering

Aiven today announced its entry into the data warehouse segment with Aiven for ClickHouse, easing adoption of that open source tech.