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Generative AI is quickly infiltrating organizations, McKinsey reports

the single largest category of functions where gen AI was being used as of April 2023 was marketing and sales, at 14%, according to McKinsey.

More than 70% of companies are experimenting with generative AI, but few are willing to commit more spending

More than half (54.6%) of orgs are are experimenting with generative AI, but few (18.2%) expect to spend more, a VentureBeat survey finds.

AI, automation to take center stage as IT demands surge: Salesforce survey

Salesforce's latest State of IT survey highlights the role of AI and automation at a time when IT demands continue to surge.

92% of US-based developers already using AI-powered coding tools at work: GitHub report 

The survey focused on key aspects such as developer productivity, team collaboration, and the role of AI in enterprise environments.

AI-powered malware is a growing security concern, CyberArk survey finds

AI-enabled threats are a major concern; 93% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed expect such threats to impact their organization.