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Meet Superframe, the AI startup that wants to be your copilot for revenue operations

Superframe, an AI-powered software company aiming to help businesses optimize their go-to-market technology stacks, announced it has raised $5 million in seed funding.

OpenAI launches web crawling GPTBot, sparking blocking effort by website owners and creators

When OpenAI added the GPTBot support page, it also introduced a way to block the service from scraping your website through robots.txt files.

Stanford study challenges assumptions about language models: Larger context doesn’t mean better understanding 

The research affirms that large language models are best used to generate content, and search engines are best at curating content.

Merlyn Mind launches education-focused LLMs for classroom integration of generative AI

Merlyn Mind's education LLMs can interact with specific collections of educational content as part of its educational generative AI platform.