Tag: Computer Hardware Security

SandboxAQ unveils Sandwich, an open-source meta-library of cryptographic algorithms

SandboxAQ launches Sandwich, an open-source framework that aims to reshape contemporary cryptography management.

Endor Labs raises $70M to ease application security, streamline developer productivity

Endor Labs said the funding will enable it to develop efficient application security programs that eliminate the developer productivity tax

Torq launches Torq Socrates, an AI agent for Tier-1 SecOps threat resolution

Torq's new AI agent Socrates utilizes large language models (LLMs) to hyper-automate critical security activities to alleviate alert fatigue, false positives and job burnout for security analysts.

Itseez3D launches Avatar SDK Deep Fake Detector to bolster user identity protection

The Avatar SDK Deep Fake Detector analyzes complete facial features to distinguish between genuine photos and synthetic 3D avatars.

MIT CSAIL unveils PhotoGuard, an AI defense against unauthorized image manipulation

MIT CSAIL researchers claim PhotoGuard can detect image irregularities invisible to the human eye through its AI's architectural prowess.

SentinelOne unveils cloud data security products for Amazon S3, NetApp

SentinelOne said its new cloud cybersecurity solutions are tailored to mitigate evolving threats in Amazon S3 and NetApp environments.

Protect AI raises $35M to expand its AI and machine learning security platform

Protect AI's security platform AI Radar provides AI professionals with real-time visibility for their ML environments.

Cosmic Wire raises $30M to expand cross-chain Web3 platform

Cosmic Wire will use the funding to speed development of a decentralized (cross-chain), transparent and secure Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.