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The quandary of Kubernetes: How Rafay is helping curb cloud spending

Rafay — a Kubernetes management and operations platform — launched Cost Management Service, a new tool intended to provide real-time visibility and allocation of Kubernetes cloud costs. 

Built-for-purpose databases tackle new-era enterprise challenges

A still-growing array of contenders today present users with assorted built-for-purpose databases. We look at three.

Informatica strengthens AWS support, announces new features at AWS re:invent

Informatica today announced new capabilities on AWS, further simplifying data management and analysis for enterprise users.

Capital One Software: The journey from bank to technology company

Capital One Software is a new B2B data management software venture within Capital One, bringing its own battle-tested technology to market.

Why cloud data protection calls for a ‘back-up-as-a-service’ model

Organizations are rethinking their cloud data protection strategies which has given rise to the backup-as-a-service (BaaS) model — to store data in the cloud, with tools to manage infrastructure, software…