Tag: data pipelines

Snowflake announces plans to improve query performance, collaboration

Snowflake announces new innovations to improve query performance, collaboration at Snowday 2022.

Alvin improves data quality, maps flows with data lineage platform, nabs $6M

Alvin, which helps enterprises trace data quality effectively, today announced it has raised $6 million in a seed round of funding.

Fivetran’s metadata API pushes data pipelines towards transparency

Fivetran introduces API to send valuable metadata from data pipelines into data catalogs, improving data governance, compliance, and privacy.

Automating data pipelines: How Upsolver aims to reduce complexity

Upsolver's declarative data pipeline approach employs automation to expedite data transformation from source to target systems.

Databricks strikes back

On the heels of competitor events and announcements, Databricks' kicks off its Data+AI Summit today, with a slew of its own announcements