Tag: edge computing

Tractian gets $45M to expand AI monitoring of industrial machinery

Sensors, edge computing hardware, and AI models that monitor industrial machines and identify potential failures based on vibrations.

Hailo unveils new edge AI accelerators, targeting entry-level and high-capacity applications

Tel Aviv-based Hailo today announced the expansion of its Hailo-8 product lineup with two new offerings: Hailo-8L and Hailo-8 Century.

How high-performance computing at the edge fuels AI, AR/VR, cybersecurity and more

HPC at the edge — bringing computing power closer to the data center — empowers real-time applications for generative AI software, AR/VR and more.

The retail data center: From autonomous checkout to data-driven insights, HPC is key

Retailers are moving to high-performance computing (HPC) including AI and computer vision to optimize customer experience and drive insights.