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Generative AI is quickly infiltrating organizations, McKinsey reports

the single largest category of functions where gen AI was being used as of April 2023 was marketing and sales, at 14%, according to McKinsey.

SAP invests directly in three AI startups: Cohere, Anthropic and Aleph Alpha

SAP is the third largest software company in the world in terms of annual revenue, behind only Microsoft and Oracle.

Tribe AI’s CEO on why generative AI is seeing more rapid uptake by enterprises than Web3 and crypto

Tribe AI launched in 2019 and has seen steady success since then working with fellow startups and larger clients.

Accenture announces jaw-dropping $3 billion investment in AI

Accenture said it will double the size of its Data & AI practice from 40,000 at present to 80,000 through a combination of hiring, training

Microsoft unveils Azure OpenAI Service for Government & AI customer commitments

Microsoft announced its new Azure OpenAI Service for government and the tech giant unveiled a new set of three AI commitments to its customers

API integrator Finch announces new funding round led by Intuit Ventures

Finch, a B2B startup offering a unified API for employment systems, today announced a new round of funding from Intuit Ventures.