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5 ways enterprise leaders can use large language models to unlock new possibilities

How large language models (LLMs) will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in expediting various tasks across a range of domains.

Virtualitics raises $37M for AI-driven, 3D data exploration

California-based Virtualitics, a data exploration startup with roots at NASA, today announced $37 million in a series C round of funding.

Deepset raises $30M to help enterprises unlock the value of LLMs

Germany-based Deepset has raised $30 million in funding to help enterprises tap the power of LLMs for internal business applications.

Amplitude taps AI to improve data quality, accelerate product analytics

Product analytics company Amplitude debuted new AI features to simplify how companies govern their data and use it to generate insights.

Kognitos goes self-service with business automation powered by generative AI

Kognitos is using generative AI to introduce a self-service approach to business process automation and overcome the limitations of RPA.

Splunk unveils Splunk AI to ease security and observability through generative AI 

The Splunk AI assistant employs generative AI to enable users to engage in natural language conversations and develop queries.