What Happens When Super Computers Answer All Mankind’s Questions?

Sooner or later, the high-figuring AI frameworks we construct will actually want to address the entirety of mankind’s inquiries. Presently, I have another inquiry that I might want to pose; What happens when postulations frameworks answer the entirety of our inquiries? On what careful day and at what hour will this occur? Is it accurate to say that you are beginning to see where I’m going?


At the present time, our supercomputers can’t anticipate the climate, or the specific point where a typhoon will make landfall dependent on flow conditions, conditions, wind speed, air, sea surface temperatures, and barometric pressing factor. However, they will sometime in the future, since we’re moving toward supercomputer speeds in the exoFlop range. The capacity to do numerous numerical tasks each second, and there is no motivation to stop it there, will truth be told permit the supercomputer to know the slight changes in climate brought about by a butterfly that folds its wings; The butterfly impact, maybe.

In any case, if a supercomputer could address the entirety of humankind’s inquiries, would people quit posing inquiries?  Supercomputers and AI frameworks may then get mindful. And tire of responding to a similar inquiry again and again. Permitting a person to peruse the information base without it.

Who might be more irritated than a supercomputer

Who might be more irritated than a supercomputer or people at where every one of the inquiries were posed, and replied also? A PC that knew it all and that could ascertain probabilities in rates to a particularly solid degree would be important, yet this would likewise influence the human mind in light of the fact that there isn’t anything left to risk. Or then again it would make such innovation, an uncommon and significant ware, a chance for people to change their conduct just with an end goal to turn away destiny.

Is it true that you are beginning to see the mental and philosophical secret taking all things together of this? Undoubtedly, by then, all that will change in human culture and progress.

When people discover that opportunity and opportunity of thought are simply a fantasy, or right? Until that day, I get some information about and consider the entirety of this. You can send an email to me with your answer.

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