New Repair Kits Will Let You Fix Your Logitech Mouse – CNET

iFixit is releasing self-repair kits and parts for a selection of Logitech mouse devices, the company shared in a blog post on Wednesday. The kits will be available for sale beginning this summer and will include tools and genuine parts for a variety of common issues. Customers who own Logitech mice from the MX Master or Master Anywhere lineups may be able to save their devices from the trash pile or recycle bin. 

You can opt to buy individual parts or full kits for six devices from the MX Master series — including CNET’s best list pick MX Master 3S — and five mice in the Master Anywhere category. According to iFixit, customers will find products for repair problems like “feet replacement, battery replacement and opening procedures.”

The gadget-fixing company says that at first, the parts will only be available for its US store. Logitech mice owners can visit the iFixit Logitech Repair Hub to make purchases. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on parts and tools for Logitech mouse devices. 

Logitech also has a recycling program where you can dispose of e-waste at a local recycling center or through a mail-in process.