Almost 5 Million People Are Using Netflix’s New Plan With Ads – CNET

Netflix announced Wednesday at it’s 2023 Upfront presentation that almost 5 million people are using the service’s ad-supported tier plan, called Standard with ads (formerly it was Basic with ads). Netflix also said the number of people who have signed up for the ad-tier plan has more than doubled since the start of 2023. 

“More than a quarter of our signups now choose the ads plan in countries where it’s available,” Greg Peters, Netflix’s co-CEO, said in a news release. “Engagement on our ads plan is similar to our comparable non-ads plans.”

Netflix launched the ad-supported tier in November 2022. Netflix’s ad-supported tier costs less than similar plans from other streaming services, like Disney Plus and HBO Max — soon to be called just Max. These other ad-supported tiers cost $10 a month while Netflix’s ad-supported tier costs $7 a month.

Netflix said Wednesday its ad-supported plans has “nearly five million global monthly active users,” which is a different measure than subscribers since multiple people in a household can use one Netflix account. 

CNET’s Kourtnee Jackson found that some movies and TV shows on Netflix’s ad-supported tier were missing, but ads didn’t play on everything. The ads that did play also varied in length so you could encounter a 30-second ad break one time and a 75-second ad break another. Netflix last month also introduced upgrades to its ad-supported plan, including 1080p video quality (an increase from 720p) and the ability to stream on two devices simultaneously.

Here’s a look at all of Netflix’s current subscription offerings in the US.

Netflix Subscription Plans

Standard with ads Basic Standard Premium
Monthly price $7 $10 $15.50 $20
Number of screens you can watch at the same time 2 1 2 4
Number of phones or tablets you can have downloads on 0 1 2 6
HD available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ultra HD available No No No Yes

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