Best Internet Providers in Franklin, North Carolina – CNET

Optimum – Best overall among internet providers in Franklin

  • Prices from $40 – $80 per month
  • Speeds from 300 – 940Mbps
  • Unlimited data

Frontier – Best for low fees among internet providers in Franklin

  • Prices from $50 per month
  • Speeds from Varies
  • Unlimited data

Viasat – Best satellite internet among internet providers in Franklin

  • Prices from $70 – $300 per month
  • Speeds from 12 – 150Mbps
  • No hard data cap

We have North Carolina to thank for lots of things, not the least of which is the Krispy Kreme donut. There are also a lot of outdoor points of interest. But when you’re not camping in the Outer Banks or hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains — you may want to check an email or two. 

North Carolina fares well overall when it comes to connectivity. According to the latest Ookla data, the Tarheel State ranks 10th among all US states and the District of Columbia for top internet speeds, with average download speeds of around 208 megabits per second. The high speed average is partly thanks to the Google Fiber internet service available in Charlotte and the Triangle. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Franklin. 

While Franklin doesn’t yet have fiber internet, it does have some pretty fast internet speeds from companies like Frontier and Optimum. You will be able to find adequate speeds for streaming, gaming and working from home. The best internet service providers in Franklin may even throw in free equipment for new customers. 

Best internet providers in the Gem Capital of the World 

We’ve narrowed the top Franklin internet providers by internet speed, availability, quality of service and other important factors.

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Best overall among internet providers in Franklin

Product details

Price range $40 – $80 per month Speed range 300 – 940Mbps Connection Cable, fiber Highlights Unlimited data, no contracts

Optimum is our top-rated ISP in Franklin because it offers solid speeds at a reasonable price. The company has fiber internet available in other cities, but Franklin is served by Optimum’s cable network.

Availability: Optimum covers nearly 90% of Franklin residents, so most people in Franklin can get Optimum internet, especially those near the city center. 

Plans and pricing: Franklin residents can choose between three plans that range in price from $40 to $80 per month. For that $80 monthly charge, you can get its 1-gig internet plan featuring 940Mbps download speeds. 

Fees and service details: Franklin prices are quoted on the assumption that you will use autopay and paperless billing. One free internet gateway (router) is included with service. You can save on your Optimum internet costs by bundling with Optimum Mobile.

Frontier logo
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Best for low fees among internet providers in Franklin

Product details

Price range $50 per month Speed range Varies Connection DSL Highlights Unlimited data, no contracts, no equipment fee

Frontier internet comes with a free Amazon Eero Wi-Fi router. Plus, the company offers a two-year price commitment without requiring you to enter into a contract, so you’ll enjoy a $50 plan for two years with the option to leave whenever you want.

Availability: More than 57% of Franklin is covered by Frontier DSL. If you live on the west side of town, Frontier is less likely to be available to you than the rest of the area because there’s a gap in service between Franklin and Andrews. 

Plans and pricing: One plan at $50 per month. While there is only one plan available, the lack of data caps and equipment fees is very appealing. On the downside, the company doesn’t promise specific speeds for its DSL service until it gets you on the phone. 

Fees and service details: Frontier’s plan is typically priced at $55 per month, but you can get it for $50 by using autopay and paperless billing. Failing to use autopay increases the price by $5 per month, and a paper bill will be charged at $3 per month.

Viasat logo
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Best satellite internet among internet providers in Franklin

Product details

Price range $70 – $300 per month Speed range 12 – 150Mbps Connection Satellite Highlights No hard data cap, nationwide availability

There are two main satellite providers in Franklin, Viasat and HughesNet, and Viasat is likely to offer faster download speeds in the area. 

Availability: More than 99% of the town can get satellite internet from Viasat. There are a few small patches on the outskirts of town without access to Viasat, but it’s almost certain that if you want this type of internet you can get it. 

Plans and pricing: Franklin residents can choose among five plans, which vary in price from $100 to $400 per month. There is an introductory three-month discounted price. Download speeds top out at 100Mbps at the most expensive plan. 

Fees and service details: Viasat charges $15 per month for equipment rental that includes a Wi-Fi router. All plans have “unlimited standard data,” but after you hit a certain limit Viasat may significantly slow your speeds until the next billing cycle. 

All available Franklin residential internet providers

If you don’t find our top three internet service providers in Franklin to be a good fit, there are other options. Here’s a quick comparison of all top providers that may be available in the area.

Top Franklin internet providers

Provider Internet technology Monthly price range Speed range Monthly equipment costs Data cap Contract CNET review score
Optimum Cable $40-$80 300-940Mbps None None None 6.2
Frontier DSL $50 10Mbps+ (speeds vary) None None None 6.3
Viasat  Satellite $70-$300 12-150Mbps $15 None 24 months 6.1
HughesNet Satellite $50-$150 25Mbps $15 None 24 months 5.7
T-Mobile Home Internet Fixed wireless $50 33-182Mbps None None None 7.4

A closer look at other Franklin ISPs

T-Mobile Home Internet: T-Mobile internet is a great low-cost internet option in Franklin with its sole plan starting at $50 per month, or $30 if you have a Go5G Plus or Magenta Max line and autopay. You can even try it out for 15 days and get your money back if it’s not a good fit. Speeds range from around 33Mbps to just over 180 Mbps, but this can accommodate most people who are using the internet for searching and the occasional streaming. 

HughesNet: HughesNet has satellite internet in Franklin with plans that start at $50. Download speeds are just 25 Mbps, even at the highest price point. 

The sun rises over the Blue Ridge mountains in Franklin, NC.

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Franklin internet details at a glance

Franklin doesn’t have fiber internet as of yet, but some of the internet service providers in the area do offer fiber elsewhere. That opens up the possibility that fiber could come to Franklin eventually. As such, cable internet from Optimum will be your best bet for fast speeds in Franklin while Frontier, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet and satellite service will be your main options in surrounding rural areas.

Franklin internet pricing

Most internet plans in Franklin start at about $50 per month. If you want to increase your speed or you’re in a rural area, you may need to increase your budget to get the bandwidth you require. 

Cheap internet options in the Franklin metro area

Optimum has the most affordable internet plan in Franklin, $40 per month. If you’re already a T-Mobile customer, you should also check out their bundle that lowers their internet price to just $30. If you qualify for a subsidy through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program you may be able to lower your bill with any plan.

Cheapest internet plans in Franklin

Plan Starting price Max download speed Monthly equipment fee Contract
Optimum 300 $40 300Mbps None None
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $50 182Mbps None None
HughesNet Gen5 30GB $50 25Mbps $15 None
Frontier Internet $55 Varies None None
Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 $70 12Mbps $15 None

Franklin internet speeds

Download speeds

Franklin – 57 Mbps
NC – 138 Mbps
US – 133 Mbps

Upload speeds

Franklin – 10 Mbps
NC – 46 Mbps
US – 46 Mbps

There aren’t a lot of lightning-fast internet speed plans in Franklin, but you can find at least one plan with nearly 1,000Mbps. Fast speeds are most necessary for homes with multiple connected devices and several users all online at the same time. If you’re just using your internet to do Google searches, post to Instagram and watch TV in bed (but not all at the same time), the more common 100Mbps download speed in Franklin will be ample. 

Fastest internet providers in Franklin

Optimum is the only Franklin internet provider with plans above 100Mbps, though T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet does have the potential for speeds up to 182Mbps. Keep your eyes peeled for news of any  fiber construction or the expansion of 5G home internet.

Fastest internet plans in Franklin

Plan Max download speed Max upload speed Starting price Data cap Contract
Optimum Gig 940Mbps 35Mbps $80 None None
Optimum 500Mbps 5000Mbps 20Mbps $60 None None
Optimum 300Mbps 300Mbps 20Mbps $40 None None

What’s the final word on internet providers in Franklin?

The fastest option in Franklin is the Optimum Gig plan. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, the Frontier plan with a free router may be the ticket to streaming on a budget – but make sure to determine what type of speed is available at your address, since it varies throughout the area.

Franklin internet FAQs

Which is the best internet service provider in Franklin?

Optimum offers the fastest service, at 1 gig, without a hefty price tag. The company’s plans range in price from $40 to $80.

Is fiber internet available in Franklin?

No. As of early 2023, Franklin doesn’t have fiber internet service.

Who is the cheapest internet provider in Franklin?

Verizon LTE Home Internet and T-Mobile Home Internet offer the cheapest internet plans in Franklin, for $25 and $30 per month, respectively, when you bundle with select mobile plans. Otherwise, Optimum’s 300Mbps plan at $40 monthly will be your cheapest option.