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Vyve Broadband – Best overall among internet providers in Corsicana

  • Prices from $30 – $80 per month
  • Speeds from 105 – 960Mbps
  • Data caps

Rise Broadband – Best regional internet provider in Corsicana

  • Prices from $25 – $65 per month
  • Speeds from 25 – 50Mbps
  • Unlimited data on some plans

T-Mobile Home Internet – Best fixed wireless internet provider in Corsicana

  • Prices from $50 per month
  • Speeds from 72 – 245Mbps
  • Unlimited data

Corsicana has a lot to be proud of. As a small town south of Dallas, it offers a haven away from the big city. It’s tied into the history of country music as the birthplace of Lefty Frizzell and Billy Joe Shaver. If you’re new to Corsicana, you might not know that Wolf Brand Chili got its start there too. Whether you’re a longtime resident or just moving to town, you’ll want fast, reliable internet to keep you connected to your community, entertainment and work.

Unfortunately, Corsicana has limited internet options. Vyve cable internet is your best bet for fast speeds, but national and regional fixed wireless providers are also available to help rural and underserved residents get connected. Grab yourself a slice of Collin Street Bakery fruitcake and check out Corsicana’s best internet providers.

Best internet options in Corsicana

Corsicana has the charms and perks of a smaller town, but that also means it doesn’t have much competition regarding ISPs. The main provider is Vyve Broadband, and the fastest available speeds just about kiss the 1-gigabit mark. The other main ISPs around Corsicana focus on fixed wireless as a way to serve rural areas.

Vyve Broadband

Best overall among internet providers in Corsicana

Product details

Price range $30 – $80 per month Speed range 105 – 960Mbps Connection Cable Highlights Data caps, no contracts, 30-day guarantee

Cable provider Vyve is the top dog when it comes to residential internet in Corsicana. There are no fiber companies at play in town. AT&T’s slow and outdated DSL isn’t much of a competitor, either. 

Availability: The good news is Vyve is available almost all over town. If you’re on the outskirts of Corsicana or in a more rural area, you’ll likely be looking at fixed wireless or satellite internet for online access. 

Plans and pricing: Vyve often runs special pricing that can get you started at the 105 megabits per second level for as low as $30 per month for the first year. The best deal, however, is with the 960Mbps plan, which is regularly $100, but often on special for $80 monthly. That near-gig plan includes a modem, router and unlimited data. If the price is within your budget, it’s the easiest way to get fast internet in Corsicana.

Service details: There are some details to sort out if you go with Vyve. The ISP has data caps ranging from 1,000 gigabytes to 2,000GB depending on your speed tier, but you can pay an additional $25 per month to free yourself of the cap. However, you get unlimited data if you sign up for the top-tier Vyve Gig plan. There are no contracts, and you can usually qualify for free installation. 

Rise Broadband

Best regional internet provider in Corsicana

Product details

Price range $25 – $65 per month Speed range 25 – 50Mbps Connection Fixed wireless Highlights Unlimited data on some plans, low price increase

Rise Broadband has built its reputation on bringing the internet to rural areas. If you’re in a spot not served by Vyve, then this fixed wireless solution should be the first option you investigate. 

Availability: Fixed wireless speeds from ISPs like Rise can vary considerably based on location and whether you have a good line of sight to a tower. Rise covers a broad area that includes Corsicana and reaches outlying communities like Oak Valley, Retreat and Mildred. 

Plans and pricing: Rise’s fixed wireless speeds typically max at 50Mbps. The company offers speeds up to 25Mbps (with unlimited data) in Corsicana for $35 per month through a special offer. That’s not blazing fast, but it’s affordable. 

Service details: Rise has a standard installation fee of $150, but keep an eye out for special deals that waive that fee. There’s a required monthly equipment rental fee of $10, with an option to rent a Wi-Fi router for an additional $15 per month. Look for offers and check your plan’s terms carefully to see if a data cap applies and if the price goes up after the first year.

Read our Rise Broadband home internet review.

T-Mobile Home Internet

Best fixed wireless internet provider in Corsicana

Product details

Price range $50 per month ($30 for eligible T-Mobile Magenta Max customers) Speed range 72 – 245Mbps Connection Fixed wireless Highlights Unlimited data, equipment included, no contracts, no additional fees

Verizon doesn’t offer fixed wireless 5G home internet in Corsicana, but competitor T-Mobile does service some parts of town. T-Mobile’s no-fuss plan makes it an alternative to other ISPs worthy of consideration.

Availability: T-Mobile’s coverage map shows a patchwork of coverage across Corsicana, ranging from its legacy 4G LTE network to its latest-and-greatest 5G Ultra Capacity network. You can check to see which network your location falls under, but running your address through T-Mobile’s home internet eligibility website is the easiest to check for availability. I found some slots open on the southwest side of town.

Plans and pricing: T-Mobile’s $50-per-month home internet service typically delivers speeds between 72-245Mbps, but it’s highly dependent on location and network demand. Bundle with an eligible phone plan, and your monthly price drops to $30. That’s a pretty nice deal if you can pull down good speeds at your house.

Fees and service details: This is the kind of service you can try out without commitment. There’s no contract, no data caps and equipment is included. T-Mobile typically charges a $35 service fee when you sign up, but look for a $50 reward card to make it worthwhile.

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Internet providers in Corsicana overview

Provider Internet technology Monthly price range Speed range Monthly equipment costs Data cap Contract CNET review score
AT&T DSL $55 768Kbps-100Mbps None 1.5TB (no data cap for 100Mbps plan) None 7.4
Backroads Broadband Fixed wireless $80-$100 15Mbps-25Mbps Equipment paid up-front None Varies N/A
Nextlink Fixed wireless $40-$90 25-100Mbps $9 (optional) None Varies N/A
Rise Broadband Fixed wireless $35-$40 25-50Mbps $10 250GB or unlimited None 6.2
Vyve Broadband Cable $60-$100 105-960Mbps $14 modem (optional) 1,000GB-unlimited None N/A
T-Mobile Home Internet Fixed wireless $50 33-182Mbps None None None 7.4

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All available Corsicana residential internet providers

Besides our choices for best ISPs in Corsicana, a few other options are vying for your attention, including some smaller providers that play in the fixed wireless space. Nextlink, in particular, is worth a look.

  • AT&T Internet: AT&T’s old-school DSL network reaches some parts of Corsicana, but slow speeds are a turn-off, and availability is spotty. While AT&T Internet offers DSL speeds up to 100Mbps in some areas of the country, the max speed I found for Corsicana was 10Mbps for $55 per month. You will probably want to look elsewhere for your internet service.
  • Backroads Broadband: Backroads competes with Nextlink and Rise to provide fixed wireless internet with a focus on rural areas. Backroads’ plans run from around $80 (15Mbps) to $100 (25Mbps) per month. A one-time contract/installation fee ranges from $275 (with no contract) to $100 (with a two-year contract). There’s also a one-time router fee of either $97 or $161, depending on the router you choose. Yes, it’s pricey to get started, and speeds are slow, but that’s not unusual for fixed wireless providers that work with underserved areas.
  • Nextlink: Fixed wireless provider Nextlink is another specialist in internet for rural homes. Plans start at $40 per month for 25Mbps with a two-year contract. The top-tier plan is $80 monthly for 100Mbps with a two-year contract. You can skip the contract and pay an extra $10 per month for the privilege. Rent a router for $9 per month or provide your own. A one-time $250 installation charge may make you think twice about signing up, but Nextlink is one of your best bets for relatively fast fixed wireless in Corsicana. Nextlink sometimes offers discounts on installation.
  • Satellite internet: Satellite internet from StarlinkViasat or HughesNet is an option for homes with little choice in ISP. If you’re outside of town and Vyve’s service area, satellite could be worth looking into, especially if your home isn’t well-situated for Rise, Backroads or Nextlink service. RVers needing to be online while on the road can check into Starlink’s on-the-go plan.

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Corsicana internet details at a glance

There are really only two main ways to go for internet in Corsicana. You can get a cable connection through Vyve or explore fixed wireless providers, including Rise, Backroads, Nextlink and T-Mobile. Fixed wireless can be a good solution for rural locations outside of Vyve’s coverage zone, but availability is very address-dependent, so you may need to check with multiple ISPs to find the best service for your home.

Pricing details on Corsicana home internet service

The average starting price for home internet in Corsicana is around $53, but that number doesn’t tell the whole story. There are ways to knock down your bill, at least for a while. Vyve often runs specials. On the T-Mobile side, bundling with a phone plan decreases the monthly price to $30. It’s all about being a savvy shopper.

Cheap internet options in the Corsicana area

When looking for internet bargains, be sure to check out the current offers from Vyve. While Vyve’s standard $60-per-month price for the 105Mbps plan seems a little steep, the ISP often advertises a half price for the first year. Another low-cost option is to bundle T-Mobile Home Internet with an eligible phone plan to bring your monthly internet cost down to $30. Beyond that, you’ll look at fixed wireless providers at around $50 monthly. 

Low-income households can get even better deals if they qualify for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, which knocks at least $30 off the monthly bill. That means free or extremely cheap internet. 

What’s the cheapest internet plan in Corsicana?

Provider Starting price Max download speed Monthly equipment fee Contract
Rise Broadband $35 25Mbps $10 None
Nextlink $40 25Mbps $9 (optional) 2 years
T-Mobile Home Internet $50 245Mbps None None
AT&T Internet $55 100Mbps (in some areas) None None
Vyve Broadband $60 (look for discount offers) 105Mbps $14 modem (optional) None

Here are the internet speeds you can find in Corsicana

Download speeds

Corsicana – 144 Mbps
TX – 152 Mbps
US – 133 Mbps

Upload speeds

Corsicana – 56 Mbps
TX – 67 Mbps
US – 46 Mbps

Ookla’s data for Corsicana shows a median internet download speed of just under 93Mbps. That’s due to Vyve’s suite of plans reaching nearly a gig. It’s not the most impressive showing on the speed charts. For example, San Antonio — the fastest Texas city in Ookla’s list of the 100 most populated cities in the US — comes in fifth in the rankings with a median download speed of 245Mbps. But there’s no need to be envious. Vyve’s 960Mbps plan should make most internet users plenty happy.

Fastest internet providers in Corsicana

Corsicana hasn’t yet received an invitation to the fiber internet party, but that’s not surprising for a smaller town away from major cities. There’s no competition for the fastest internet plan in Corsicana: Vyve takes the crown with its 960Mbps option. No residential multi-gigabit plans are available, so you’ll have to be content with near-gig speeds. If you have your eye on moving to Dallas or Fort Worth for faster internet, here’s what you need to know about multi-gigabit plans.    

What’s the fastest internet plan in Corsicana?

Provider Max download speed Max upload speed Starting price Data cap Contract
Vyve Gig 960Mbps 50Mbps $100 None None

What’s the final word on internet providers in Corsicana?

Your internet options for Corsicana are pretty straightforward. Vyve is the leading contender thanks to availability and speeds that eclipse those of fixed wireless providers. If you do explore the fixed wireless route as an alternative, or if you’re in a spot not serviced by Vyve, then it gets a little more complicated. Give T-Mobile Home Internet a look, especially if you’re an existing phone customer. Otherwise, compare Rise, Nextlink and Backroads to find the best combination of price and speeds for your address. While AT&T Internet may be an option, you likely won’t be happy with the speed.

Internet providers in Corsicana FAQs

Is fiber internet available in Corsicana?

Unfortunately, there are no residential fiber internet providers in Corsicana. Instead, look at Vyve’s cable Gig plan for service up to 960Mbps.

Who is the cheapest internet provider in Corsicana?

When money is tight, your first step should be to check on your eligibility for the Affordable Connectivity Program for free or deeply discounted internet. If you don’t qualify for that, look for deals from Vyve, which has offered its cheapest plan for as low as $30 per month.

Which internet provider in Corsicana offers the fastest plan?

Avid gamers, big households with multiple internet users and remote workers crave fast internet. If that sounds like you and you live in Corsicana, go with Vyve’s Gig plan that provides speeds of up to 960Mbps for $100 per month. Even better, keep an eye out for a special offer that brings that down to $80 for the first year.

Is Rise Broadband or T-Mobile Home Internet better in Corsicana?

Multiple fixed wireless ISPs cover Corsicana, but availability depends on your location. Rise, a specialist in rural broadband, and T-Mobile, a national juggernaut, both offer fixed wireless in town. For starters, run your address to see if one or the other services your home. Then, compare pricing and speeds. T-Mobile is easy to take for a test drive and costs $50 per month (or $30 with an eligible phone plan). It’s a good starting point if T-Mobile has a slot open for you. If you’re outside of the main part of town, then Rise or Nextlink will likely be your best bet.