Unstoppable Domains adds .eth domains through Ethereum Name Service partnership

Two of the biggest platforms powering Web3 decentralized domains have partnered up after Unstoppable Domains announced support for .eth domain names from the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

The two service providers have been central pillars in the Web3 domain space, allowing users to create human-readable domain names and cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Decentralized domains also act as a profile across the Web3 ecosystem unlocking a host of functionality.

As Cointelegraph previously explored, Unstoppable Domains and ENS accounted for a combined six million domain registrations in early 2023, with registrations increasing markedly from 2022 onwards.

Users can now buy .eth names through Unstoppable with added payment methods and functionality aimed at streamlining the management of ENS domains. All .eth domains purchased from Unstoppable will be registered through the ENS smart contract and have the same functionality as those registered directly through ENS.

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Users can also purchase .eth domains through Unstoppable without having to connect them to an existing Ethereum wallet. This is provisioned for by Unstoppable’s Domain vault, a non-custodial offering that allows users to secure Web3 domains without initially having a cryptocurrency wallet.

ENS users can also take advantage of an auto-renewal mechanism through Unstoppable, canceling out the need to renew .eth domains on chain and the possibility of losing a domain as a result.

The integration with Unstoppable also allows .eth users to purchase their desired Web3 domain with a number of different payment methods, from Bitcoin and twelve different cryptocurrencies to conventional fiat payment options including credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Unstoppable is also developing .eth domain management tools which will including the ability to set cryptocurrency addresses, manage on-chain profile data and transfer .eth domains.

An announcement shared with Cointelegraph highlights that users that buy .eth domains through Unstoppable will be able to use ENS integrations. However .eth domains purchased through Unstoppable will not function with Unstoppable’s 800 or so integrations.

Unstoppable also supports a number of Web3 domains including .nft, .crypto, .wallet, .dao, .bitcoin, .polygon, .BinanceUS and .blockchain.

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