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Generative AI is quickly infiltrating organizations, McKinsey reports

the single largest category of functions where gen AI was being used as of April 2023 was marketing and sales, at 14%, according to McKinsey.

59% of orgs lack resources to meet generative AI expectations: Study 

Budget constraints and limited resources emerged as critical barriers to successful generative AI adoption across enterprises.

Chatgpt Pretty Intelligent, Did Not Recommend Bitcoin, Peter Schiff Tweets

Economist Peter Schiff praised the artificial intelligence of the Chatgpt assistant for omitting bitcoin in a suggested “recession-proof” portfolio. The long-time gold proponent commented on a report claiming the chatbot…

Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches 400 Exahash per Second, Researcher Says Network Could Reach Zettahash Era by 2025

Despite Bitcoin’s difficulty reaching an all-time high at 46.84 trillion, participants in bitcoin mining have kept the hashrate running stronger than ever before. According to statistics, on March 23, 2023,…

Study: 55% of Americans Believe They Will Lose It All if a Recession Hits the United States

According to a recent study by Clever, a real estate data company, nearly three out of four Americans worry there will be a recession this year, and 69% of the…