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Infosys launches Topaz, an AI-first solution to accelerate business value through generative AI

Infosys said organizations could harness the capabilities of cognitive solutions through its Infosys Topaz generative AI offering.

TruEra launches free tool for testing LLM apps for hallucinations

TruEra today launched TruLens, open-source software for testing applications built on large language models such as the GPT series.

Alteryx reimagines data analytics with generative AI

Alteryx today announced new AiDIN generative AI engine to reimagine data analytics for enterprises.

Microsoft unveils new Power Platform features at Build 2023, emphasizing low-code technologies for developers

Microsoft says developers can enhance productivity and solution-building with new updates to Power Platform including generative AI features.

Yellow AI launches YellowG, a generative AI platform for automation workflows

YellowG utilizes enterprise data and industry-specific knowledge to seamlessly navigate complex scenarios.

ServiceNow partners with Nvidia to develop ‘super-specialized’ generative AI for enterprises

Workflow automation vendor ServiceNow today partnered with Nvidia to build custom generative AI models for enterprise IT workflows.

Simplr unveils Cognitive Paths to enable safe use of ChatGPT for customer service

The solution reduces the overall volume of information available to the LLM-powered chatbot and eliminates the chance of hallucination.

Datadog brings OpenAI model monitoring into the fold, launches new integration

Datadog today launched a new integration to help enterprises monitor applications driven by OpenAI models for performance issues.