Category: Data Security and Privacy

DataDome raises $42M to leverage machine learning for confronting bot attacks 

DataDome announces it has raised $42 million for a solution that uses machine learning to address online bot attacks.

Securing cloud tech stacks with zero trust will drive growth of confidential computing

Why cloud tech stacks need hardening with zero trust, and how confidential computing secures data at rest, in transit and in use.

IAM isn’t cutting it, Spera raises $10M for a new approach to identity security 

Israeli cybersecurity startup Spera announces it has raised $10 million in seed funding for a solution designed to enhance IAM.

Microsoft Security Copilot uses GPT-4 to help security teams move at AI speed

Microsoft announces the release of Security Copilot, a generative AI solution that uses GPT-4 to process threat signals and find breaches.

How shift left security and DevSecOps can protect the software supply chain  

When used alongside DevSecOps, shift left security can help secure the software development lifecycle as early as possible.