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Beyond Work raises $2.5M to make work more ‘human’ with LLMs

London-based Beyond Work, a startup looking to make work more human with LLMs, today announced $2.5 million in pre-seed funding.

The best AI features Apple announced at WWDC 2023

Apple announced a host of new software features for its popular devices and the new Apple Vision Pro headset, many of them leveraging AI.

Ordinal Inscriptions Surpass 1 Million Mark, Miners Collect $4.7M in Fees as Bitcoin NFT Trend Continues

On April 8, 2023, the number of Ordinal inscriptions surpassed the million mark as the non-fungible token (NFT) trend has seemingly become a mainstay. Presently, on Sunday, April 9, the…

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Turns 48 Today, Coinciding With the Anniversary of FDR’s US Gold Ban

According to the P2P Foundation forum, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has ostensibly turned 48 today on April 5, 2023. More than 14 years ago, Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin…

Biden Administration’s Economic Report Deems Crypto Assets ‘Mostly Speculative Investment Vehicles’

On Monday, U.S. president Joe Biden published the administration’s economic report and addressed the subject of cryptocurrencies. The section titled “The Perceived Appeal of Crypto Assets” describes the currencies as…