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Why API security is a fast-growing threat to data-driven enterprises

Fueled by digital transformation and its central role in mobile apps and IoT, API development has exploded, making API security essential.

GitHub releases open-source report, Octoverse 2022, says 97% of apps use OSS

GitHub this week released its Octoverse 2022 report, highlighting statistics, insights and evolutions across the open-source community.

The best strategies for attracting developer talent 

Developers come in many different stripes — and they are also in great demand. Organizations must be creative and open-minded in hiring them.

Netlify releases Jamstack report, with serverless computing and remote work scoring high marks

Netlify’s third Jamstack Community Survey was released today, revealing developer sentiment on things like serverless computing and Web3.

How Hugging Face and ServiceNow tackle code-generating LLM challenges

BigCode, launched recently by Hugging Face and Service Now, is looking to address some of code-generating LLMs biggest pain points.

Fermyon brings WebAssembly to the cloud — looks to disrupt container-based app development

Startup company, Fermyon, looks to help enterprises realize the vision of writing applications in any programming language and running them easily in the cloud.