Tag: deep learning

Breaking down language walls: ElevenLabs launches multilingual text-to-speech for diverse audiences

Voice AI startup ElevenLabs today expanded its suite of tools a new text-to-speech model that supports 30 new languages.

Deepset raises $30M to help enterprises unlock the value of LLMs

Germany-based Deepset has raised $30 million in funding to help enterprises tap the power of LLMs for internal business applications.

Salesforce launches Einstein Studio for training AI models with Data Cloud

Salesforce today announced Einstein Studio, a new experience that allows users to connect and train their own custom AI models on Data Cloud.

VAST Data launches unified data platform for the age of AI

VAST Data launches novel unfied data platform to help organizations better manage data and accelerate AI initiatives of the future.

AI21 Labs debuts Contextual Answers, a plug-and-play AI engine for enterprise data

AI21 Labs today announced Contextual Answers, a plug-and-play AI API to implement large language model technology on enterprise data.

Splunk unveils Splunk AI to ease security and observability through generative AIĀ 

The Splunk AI assistant employs generative AI to enable users to engage in natural language conversations and develop queries.