Category: synthetic data

IBM and Salesforce team up to bring AI tools to their shared clients

Today, IBM and Salesforce announced they are joining forces to bring Salesforce AI solutions to customers of both companies.

Meta releases Code Llama, a new open-source LLM geared for programming

The tool immediately becomes a major rival to OpenAI's Codex (powered by a modified GPT-3), the Codex-powered Github Copilot from Microsoft.

Breaking down language walls: ElevenLabs launches multilingual text-to-speech for diverse audiences

Voice AI startup ElevenLabs today expanded its suite of tools a new text-to-speech model that supports 30 new languages.

What you need to know about Sakana AI, the new startup from a Transformer paper co-author

Founded by former Google AI engineers, the startup is inspired by schools of fish and bee hives to design collective artificial intelligence.

Arthur unveils Bench, an open-source AI model evaluator

Arthur Bench allows companies to test performance of different language models on accuracy, readability, hedging, and other criteria.

Rasgo launches Rasgo AI, a generative AI agent for enterprise data warehouse analytics 

Rasgo said its AI employs GPT for “intelligent reasoning,” which enables it to think and act like a business analyst for data warehouses.