Category: GPT-3.5

OpenAI seeks to dismiss majority of Sarah Silverman’s and authors’ claims in ChatGPT lawsuits

The company asserted that fair use can accommodate innovations like LLMs, and is aligned with the constitutional intent of copyright.

Arthur unveils Bench, an open-source AI model evaluator

Arthur Bench allows companies to test performance of different language models on accuracy, readability, hedging, and other criteria.

OpenAI launches web crawling GPTBot, sparking blocking effort by website owners and creators

When OpenAI added the GPTBot support page, it also introduced a way to block the service from scraping your website through robots.txt files.

Egnyte adds generative AI smarts to streamline content collaboration

Content platform Egnyte today enhanced its platform with new generative AI smarts, including text summarization, transcription and more.

ChatGPT Plus gets custom instructions, allowing it to remember how you want it to behave

The feature, currently available in beta release outside of the UK and EU, could save enormous time for regular users of the service.