Category: GPT

Rasgo launches Rasgo AI, a generative AI agent for enterprise data warehouse analytics 

Rasgo said its AI employs GPT for “intelligent reasoning,” which enables it to think and act like a business analyst for data warehouses.

Instabase unveils AI Hub, a generative AI platform for content understanding

Powered by generative AI, Instabase with its AI Hub aims to provide self-service solutions to harness the potential of AI-driven insights.

TruEra launches free tool for testing LLM apps for hallucinations

TruEra today launched TruLens, open-source software for testing applications built on large language models such as the GPT series.

Skyflow launches ‘privacy vault’ for building LLMs

Skyflow has announced a privacy vault to help enterprises build large language models (LLMs) while keeping sensitive data protected.

AI startup Together raises funding for open-source AI and cloud platform

Together means to establish open source as the default way to incorporate AI and create models that outperform closed models in the cloud.