Anycubic’s New Kobra Go 3D Printer Is Feature-Loaded and Only 9 Through Oct. 3 – CNET

Anycubic is well known for 3D printers like the Vyper — often found at the top of our best 3D printer list — and the giant Kobra Max, but these printers come almost complete. Four screws are normally all it takes to put them together, and while that’s great for beginners and those who want to get started straight away, it doesn’t give you any insight into how a 3D printer works.

The new $189 Kobra Go hopes to fill that gap with a budget-friendly kit that you can build yourself. Most kits are either extremely high-end or don’t have modern features like auto bed leveling or power-out detection. The Kobra Go comes with Anycubic’s LeviQ auto bed level system as standard and even has an option to buy a filament runout sensor as an upgrade. 

Having auto leveling on a sub-$200 machine is frankly amazing, and makes the Kobra Go worthy of the time it would take to build it. Even the build volume is good at 220 by 220mm. It may not be the biggest printer, but that is a reasonable size for a printer this cheap.

Right now, Anycubic has the Kobra Go available on its website as an early-bird special for just $189 until Oct. 3. After that, the price goes up to $209 — still a fantastic price. Plus, if you’re fast you can knock another $20 off if you use PayPal to process the payment, bringing the total cost down to just $169. That is an excellent price for a 3D printer kit with these premium features.


By Casey Cartwright

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