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Don’t quit your day job: Generative AI and the end of programming

AI is something to be learned, tested and incorporated into practices so programmers can focus on understanding and solving problems.

CodeSignal’s AI strategy: CEO Tigran Sloyan addresses evolving skills gap

CodeSignal announced today major platform upgrades leveraging artificial intelligence to better evaluate software engineering candidates.

How generative AI code assistants could revolutionize developer experience

Why tech leaders must evolve development teams to embrace generative AI code assistants and plan for the next-gen engineering experience.

ServiceNow expands platform with additional generative AI capabilities to ease enterprise productivity   

By infusing generative AI features, ServiceNow aims to help customers drive business value from a single platform.

GitHub announces public beta of Copilot Chat IDE integration

According to GitHub, developers can effortlessly tackle complex coding tasks through simple prompts using Copilot Chat.

GitHub updates platform with passkey authentication, DevOps streamlining

GitHub asserts that the passkeys and merge queues are aimed at prioritizing developer security and streamlining the development process.