CodeSignal’s AI strategy: CEO Tigran Sloyan addresses evolving skills gap

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CodeSignal, a San Francisco-based startup that provides coding assessments for technical recruiting, announced today several major platform upgrades leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to better evaluate software engineering candidates.

The company rolled out several new features including AI-powered analysis to detect cheating, benchmarking data to compare candidates and an AI assistant to allow appropriate use of generative AI during coding tests.

Tigran Sloyan, the cofounder and CEO of CodeSignal, provided valuable insights into the future of AI in recruitment and skills development in a recent interview with VentureBeat. His commentary revealed the company’s plans to leverage AI to help companies adapt to the rapid emergence of new skill sets and to assist individuals in navigating this changing landscape

“We’re a skills platform. Everything revolves around skills. [Employees] need to understand skills, they need to discover skills, they need to develop skills,” Sloyan said regarding the future of employment. “It’s going to become such a top of mind thing for all Fortune 500s.”


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“On one side, we have customers who want to detect AI usage because they aren’t ready to embrace it yet,” he added. “On the flip side, we have companies who want candidates to use AI to showcase skills. So we built both AI detection and enablement.”

AI in technical recruitment

CodeSignal has been transforming recruitment processes by focusing not only on whether a candidate can do the job but also how they achieve it. Sloyan compared this approach to judging the quality of a physical building, stating, “Just because a building stands doesn’t mean it’s well built, or that it will stand the test of time.”

In the context of software development, he explained that “evaluating how somebody got something done used to be very difficult, because it requires a human level intelligence.” But now, through gen AI, CodeSignal can make nuanced decisions similar to those of an experienced interviewer.

This focus on the qualitative aspects of a candidate’s skills is a response to the rapid evolution and creation of new skill sets driven by technological advancements. Sloyan noted the strikingly short period for job categories to be born and become prominent, citing mobile developers and cloud engineers as examples.

“Organizations who cannot adapt to that change are not going to be able to survive,” Sloyan warned. The new reality of the job market, according to him, is that “new skills will be born, will become dominant and will become absolutely necessary.”

Bridging the skills gap

As for CodeSignal’s future, Sloyan envisions the platform as a vital resource for navigating this terrain of rapidly emerging skills. “I want us to be able to both help the individual go through this transition of learning and acquiring new skills and demonstrating those skills, as well as helping companies not get stuck in an ever-widening skills gap.”

CodeSignal’s approach to this challenge will be closely watched in an industry grappling with the dual reality of skill obsolescence and creation. As Sloyan pointed out, while technology might automate certain skills, it also presents an array of new skills that individuals can acquire. This adaptive capability will be pivotal for both businesses and individuals in the future of work.

Given this vision, it’s clear that CodeSignal is positioning itself as a key player in the future of recruitment and skills development. By leveraging the power of AI and maintaining a keen focus on the qualitative aspects of skills, CodeSignal is poised to address the skills gap and help both individuals and companies adapt to the ever-changing job market.

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