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Pirros, a startup that applies AI to streamline drawing sets for buildings and infrastructure, lands $2 million seed round

Pirros, a technology platform that helps architecture and engineering firms manage their drawing sets more efficiently, announced a $2 million seed round.

Microsoft unveils next-gen AI solutions to boost frontline productivity amid labor challenges

Microsoft aims to enhance the efficiency of frontline service professionals through Copilot integrated into Dynamics 365 Field Service.

CodeSignal’s AI strategy: CEO Tigran Sloyan addresses evolving skills gap

CodeSignal announced today major platform upgrades leveraging artificial intelligence to better evaluate software engineering candidates.

Torq launches Torq Socrates, an AI agent for Tier-1 SecOps threat resolution

Torq's new AI agent Socrates utilizes large language models (LLMs) to hyper-automate critical security activities to alleviate alert fatigue, false positives and job burnout for security analysts.

SAP invests directly in three AI startups: Cohere, Anthropic and Aleph Alpha

SAP is the third largest software company in the world in terms of annual revenue, behind only Microsoft and Oracle.

Madrona Venture Labs announces $11M round to fund pre-seed AI founders

Prominent new investors to MVL include: Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub; Joe Beda, co-founder and former CTO of Heptio.

McKinsey report finds generative AI could add up to $4.4 trillion a year to the global economy

The $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion figure marks a huge increase over McKinsey's previous estimates of the generative AI field's impact.

Employees lament lack of automation tools for productivity: survey 

The results emphasize a gap between organizations and employees regarding the availability of efficient automation and productivity tools.