Tag: Open source

Couchbase aims to boost developer database productivity with Capella IQ AI tool

Think of Capella IQ as a copilot for developers: The new tool uses generative AI and large language models to enhance productivity.

Meet SeamlessM4T, the Meta AI model that can translate 100 languages into speech or text

Meta releases SeamlessM4T, a multilingual foundational model that can translate and transcribe 100 languages across speech and text.

Arthur unveils Bench, an open-source AI model evaluator

Arthur Bench allows companies to test performance of different language models on accuracy, readability, hedging, and other criteria.

Highlight launches full-stack application monitoring platform, raises $8M

Highlight has announced a full-stack application monitoring tool that flags both front-end and back-end problems for developer teams.

Linux Launches Foundation to Bolster Open-Source, Multi-Purpose Crypto Wallets

On Tuesday, the non-profit technology consortium, the Linux Foundation, announced the launch of the Openwallet Foundation (OWF) in order to bolster the development of open-source crypto wallets. OWF’s goal is…