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Hollywood’s strike battle over AI and 3D scanning has been decades in the making

3D scanning is not the same as AI, and most vendors only offer one of the two technologies for filmmaking. But this is changing quickly.

SandboxAQ unveils Sandwich, an open-source meta-library of cryptographic algorithms

SandboxAQ launches Sandwich, an open-source framework that aims to reshape contemporary cryptography management.

ShapesXR raises funding to expand its XR prototyping platform

ShapesXR empowers non-technical users to craft intricate 3D designs and prototype immersive applications for VR, AR and real-world.

Datadog launches AI helper Bits and new model monitoring solution

Datadog uses OpenAI’s LLMs to power Bits’ capabilities. The assistant can coordinate a response by assembling on-call teams in Slack.

AWS, Meta, Microsoft-backed Overture Maps Foundation releases first ‘open map’ dataset

New members of the OMF collaboration include ESRI, Cyient, InfraMappa, Nomoko, Precisely, PTV Group, SafeGraph, Sanborn, and Sparkgeo.