Tag: Product Development

Highlight launches full-stack application monitoring platform, raises $8M

Highlight has announced a full-stack application monitoring tool that flags both front-end and back-end problems for developer teams.

Zenhub unveils AI label suggestions and a roadmap of many more features ‘coming soon’

The features are built atop GPT 3.5 and 4, and will be available to teams who opt into a new program — Zenhub's AI Early Access.

Grit debuts with $7M round, offering AI that auto-analyzes and updates software codebase for devs

The company was founded by Morgante Pell, a former Senior Staff Architect at Google Cloud, and is backed by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.

Rasgo launches Rasgo AI, a generative AI agent for enterprise data warehouse analytics 

Rasgo said its AI employs GPT for “intelligent reasoning,” which enables it to think and act like a business analyst for data warehouses.

MindsDB raises funding from Nvidia to democratize AI application development

MindsDB aims to democratize AI development and production for all stripes of developers without requiring specialized AI training.

Bud Financial launches Bud.ai, a generative AI platform for hyper-personalized banking

Bud Financial claims its LLM tech, Bud.ai, will enable orgs to convert unstructured financial data into insights for granular analysis.

Stability AI launches StableCode, an LLM for code generation

StableCode, Stability AI's code-generating LLM, will be available in a base model, an instruction model, and a long-context-window model.

Don’t quit your day job: Generative AI and the end of programming

AI is something to be learned, tested and incorporated into practices so programmers can focus on understanding and solving problems.

CodeSignal’s AI strategy: CEO Tigran Sloyan addresses evolving skills gap

CodeSignal announced today major platform upgrades leveraging artificial intelligence to better evaluate software engineering candidates.

Wisecut raises funding from Tim Draper to expand its AI-driven video editing platform

Wisecut aims to identify impactful segments using AI models GPT-4 and a fine-tuned Whisper, streamlining the video editing process.